I wanted to email you to let you know what a wonderful blessing my Precision counselor is. She has helped me greatly during my time in counseling. I just had to write and let you know. She helped me out of my depression and grief I was facing over my dad’s loss. I had a relationship break up and it almost ruined me. My counselor helped me through this crisis in my life speaking truth to me in such a kind way. Her expertise and her wisdom goes beyond her years. She is always willing to pray with me at the end of every counseling session and she is always flexible rescheduling my appointments when needed.

Before I sought help, I prayed and asked God to find a faithful and wise counselor for me. My Precision counselor was an answer to this prayer. I am so thankful there are organizations like yours helping people like me. I am working two jobs right now and have a social network, which a few months ago would have been impossible. My life is full of joy and peace now just because God sent a blessing like Precision Counseling Home my way.