What we do at Precision Home:

  • We are a faith-based institution and we facilitate the knowledge of God, and the role He plays in restoring one from the afflictions of addiction and taking them to their destiny.
  • The goal of our program is to bring total restoration to our clients. This we achieve through a well-developed spiritual devotion (Congress hour) and psycho-education using the 12-Steps approach.
  • We advocate absolute abstinence from alcohol and all drugs and substance and therefore we are an alcohol and drug free facility.
  • We are a multidisciplinary treatment team comprising of counseling psychologists, addiction counselors, physician, psychiatrist, nurse, nutritionist and physical fitness specialist who ensure success of the program.
  • We provide support and follow-up care to our clients that clients who actively engage in continuing care after treatment are more likely to remain abstinent.

Looking for help?

The decision to seek treatment for drug and alcohol addiction can be difficult. The right Steps streamline the admission process, eliminating unnecessary stress and uncertainty. If you or your loved one needs help for drug or alcohol addiction, the road to recovery can start now – with three easy steps:

  1. Own-up /Accept you have a problem andCall us anytime on Tel: (+254) 0702 378314, 0780 378314
  2. Seek Help: Know that you cannot do it alone- Pay us a visit at our facility
  3. Be determined and committed: we will walk with you to the end.